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I forgot my password. How do I log in?  Top 
On our Home page, you will see the 'Forgot Password' link. Click on this link and enter the email address associated with your Job Board account. Click 'Email Link' and we'll send you instructions for resetting your password. Click here to go to the Home page.

I forgot my username. How do I log in?  Top 
Your username should be the email address used to set up your Job Board account. On our Home page, you will see the 'Forgot Password' link. Click on this link and enter the email address associated with your Job Board account. Click 'Submit' and we'll send you instructions for resetting your password. Click here to go to the Home page. If the email address is not associated with your account please Contact Us for further assistance.

How do I change my password?  Top 
Under the My Profile section on the left menu click on "Change Password" and enter your desired password.

How do I change my email address?  Top 
Under the My Profile section on the left menu click on "Manage my Profile" and enter your new email address.

How do I update my Profile?  Top 
Under the My Profile section on the left menu click on "Manage my Profile" and update your profile.

How do I change my Job Alerts?   Top 
Under the My Profile section on the left menu click on "Job Alerts" and update your profile.

Will my contact information be sold to any third parties?   Top 
The Job Board does not disclose to any third party your name, address, email address, or telephone number without your consent, except to the extent necessary or appropriate to comply with applicable laws, or in legal proceedings where such information is relevant. For more information, please read Job Board's Privacy Policy

Why should I create a Profile?  Top 
Your Profile contains a collection of professional and personal details that is used to match you to job opportunities and to help you create your resume. Go to here and select My Profile in the left menu.

Can I use my Employer username and password for my Job Seeker account?   Top 
No. These are two separate accounts.

What should I do if I have not received the email that allows me to create a new password?   Top 
The email might have been accidentally flagged as spam. Try looking for it in your spam folder. If that doesn't work, Contact Us.

Does my account expire?   Top 
Protecting your account data is a high priority at Job Board. If you do not log in to your account for an extended period, your account will expire and all applicable account data will be deleted. If your account was deleted, you can create a new account. You can use your previously deleted email address and password or you can use a new email and password.


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This is question that opens in full page!  Top 

The Department of Workforce Development

Invites Bermudian College and University Students

To Register and Apply for the Summer Employment Programme



This is a paid internship that will be hosted from June 2018 to August 2018.   Successful interns can expect to gain well-rounded career exposure with practical hands-on-experience in Government, Private and Non- Profit Sectors.  Internship applicants must hold Bermudian status and be enrolled full-time at an accredited college or university with a minimum GPA of 2.50. 


Applications will open on www.bermudajobboard.bmfrom January 15, 2018 to February 28, 2018. 



  • Begin completing the profile page with all personal details
    • Under the ‘Current Job Status’ field select ‘Looking for Summer Student Position.’
    • Complete the registration form
    • Select ‘Signup’.
  • You will receive a confirmation email that will prompt you to Click on ‘Activate Your Account’.  Click on that link to proceed.
  • Follow the prompts, and Login, using the password you set during registration.
  • Proceed to ‘My Record’, select ‘Manage My Record’, and complete your profile.

Now you are ready to apply to the Summer Employment Programme.

  • To Apply – From the left side menu, under Search, select ‘Job Search’ and search for the job titled: ‘Summer Employment Programme’, from the Employer ‘Department of Workforce Development’
  • Click on the job and read the job information and requirements carefully.
  • SelectApply Now’ and follow the instructions to complete the information.
  • Click ‘Submit’ when ready to submit your application.
  • Once your application has been received, you will receive a confirmation of your submission.  This email will be sent to the email address you used when creating your profile on

Returning Summer 2017 participants only need to submit verification of full-time enrollment, transcripts and a current resume.


To obtain additional information, phone 297-7714 or email



Closing Date:  February 28, 2018



How do I create and post a resume on Job Board?   Top 
Job Board's resume builder is the quickest and most effective way to create your resume online. You can use data that you entered in your Profile to populate your resume or you can create one on your own. When you're done, you can preview you resume and add more information, or you can edit your resume whenever you'd like.

How do I add more information to my resume?   Top 
After you complete the initial resume steps, you can view your posted resume. At this point, you can edit individual sections and add more career-related information. You can update your resume at any time by selecting the desired resume on your Manage Resumes page.

How can I change the contact information on my resume?   Top 
You can edit contact information anytime. You have the option of saving this information back to your Profile so your account contains your most-recent contact information.jeleeu

Who will see my resume?   Top 
When you create your resume you'll choose a Resume Visibility, which determines who can see your resume. You have two choices. 
  • If you select private, your resume will not be seen by employers conducting resume searches. However, you can use your private resume to apply for jobs.
  • If you select a resume status of visible, employers will be able to find your resume and match you to specific jobs.

Job Search

How do I search for jobs on Job Board?   Top 
When you Search, you use Keyword, Location, Job Title, and other fields to get matching jobs.

How can I get more relevant search results?   Top 
With the Search tool, try changing your keywords, choosing a different but similar industry, or changing the radius around the location. You can also sort the results by various fields.

Why aren't there more results in my search?   Top 
There might be too many words in the Keywords field. Try single words or different word combinations. Also, expand your Location radius, try a different but similar industry, or rephrase the Job Title.

What is a Saved Search?   Top 
Saved Search stores your search criteria. You can then retrieve and run that search whenever you want. After you a save a search, you can set it up to run periodically and, if you'd like, we'll email the results to you. Be sure to add Job to your recognized/trusted sender list.

How can I get more information about a job posting?   Top 
Employers post their own jobs and are responsible for the content. Try getting in touch with the company via their website. You can also go to Job Board's Contact Us page.


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Job View

ow can I email a copy of a job posting to a friend?   Top 
On the Job View page, you'll see a Job Tools box on the right-hand side of the page. Click the Email link to email a copy of a job posting.

How do I print a job posting?  Top 
On the Job View page, you'll see a Job Tools box on the right-hand side of the page. Click Print to print a job posting.

Where can I find the salary information for a job?   Top 
Not all employers include salary information with their job postings. When the salary is included, you can see in the Salary Range field of the Job Details page.

Why isn't salary information available for all jobs?   Top 
Not all employers include salary information with their job postings.

How can I get more information about a job posting?  Top 
Employers post their own jobs and are responsible for the content. Try getting in touch with the company via their website.


What happens when I apply online for a job that's posted on Job  Top 
Employers receive your resume via email and also within their applicant tracking folders on Job Board. You will receive a confirmation email from Job Board stating that your resume was sent successfully. You may also receive an email from the Employer confirming the receipt of your resume. Please note that some Employers and Recruiters may not respond immediately to your resume submission. 
After you apply for a job, your complete application is then listed on your Submitted Job Applications page and can be tracked from there. 

Do I need to have a Job Board member account to apply for jobs?   Top 
Yes. It's fast and easy, though, and can be done as part of your first job application! Click Apply and enter your email address and a password. Then you can complete your job application.

Do I need a resume to apply to a job posting?   Top 
Yes, you will need to include a resume when you apply online. You can create your resume as part of your first job application. When you click Apply on a job posting, you'll have an opportunity to create and include a resume.

Why didn't I receive a response when I applied online?   Top 
Each company has its own method for evaluating resumes. A small company may send a personalized response indicating that your resume was received. Many larger companies have automated email replies. Some companies do not acknowledge the receipt of a resume unless they want to initiate the interview process.

How can I track the jobs I've applied for?   Top 

Can I apply for the same job more than once?   Top 
No. Once you've applied for a job, you won't be able to apply for that job again.


What Internet browsers does Job Board support?   Top 
All browsers can be used on Job Board web sites, however we do recommend that you use one of our supported versions to give you the best experience.

Browsers that are recommended on our site: 
? IE 10 and up 
? Firefox 11 and up 
? Chrome (latest version) 
? Safari (latest version)

Please Note: Mac users do not have access to the formatting toolbar during the job posting process. Mac users may experience issues with copying and pasting job description text, including the appearance of unwanted characters and HTML code. Please remove unwanted characters/code prior to submitting the job posting. 

Why am I having problems accessing certain pages on the site ?   Top 
To maximize performance, Job Board passes information to and from your computer on a regular basis. Some site features (e.g., account login, saving jobs) may not function correctly when there is Internet security or firewall software running on your computer. Your software (e.g., browser, pop-up blocker, firewall) will likely have settings that allow you to specify certain blocked information can be passed from our site. The settings to investigate are cookie blocking, ad blocking, and blocking of referrer information. For assistance, contact the support department for the software in question.

Why doesn't the link you sent me in an email work?   Top 
Check to see if your browser is receiving the entire link we provided. Sometimes, if the URL is too long, your email program may display it on two lines, and the second line is not sent to your browser. If that's the case, copy (CTRL + C; CMD + C for Macs) and paste (CTRL + V; CMD + V for Macs) the complete URL into the address bar of your browser. 
If this doesn't work, please contact us with us much of the following information as possible: first name, last name, street address, city, state, country, ZIP code, and phone number.

How do I clean out my cache or my temporary Internet files?   Top 
Please follow these instructions for cleaning out your temporary Internet files or cache: 

Internet Explorer
1. Depending on which version of Internet Explorer you're using, you'll click either View or Tools on the tool bar at the top of the browser and then select Internet Options. The pop-up screen defaults to the General tab.
2. Under Temporary Internet Files, click Delete Files.
3. Click OK and you're all set. 

Firefox (Mozilla)
1. Open Firefox (Mozilla).
2. Click the Tools menu.
3. Click Options.
4. Click Privacy.
5. Click the Clear button for cache. 

Safari (Mac Users)
1. Click the Safari menu and select the Empty Cache option.
2. Click the Empty button in the dialog that appears to confirm the deletion of your cache.
3. Restart your computer. 

Google Chrome
1. Click the Tools menu.
2. Select Clear Browsing data.
3. Select the checkboxes for the types of information you wish to remove. Click a link below to find out more about each option.
4. Use the 'Clear data from this period' drop-down menu to select how much of your information you want to delete. By default, Google Chrome only clears information collected in the last 24 hours. To clear browsing information from a longer period of time, select another option in the drop-down menu. To wipe out all data, select the Everything option.
5. Click the Clear Browsing Data button. 

What are cookies?  Top 
Some Web sites store information in a small text file on your computer. This file is called a cookie. Cookies are short pieces of data used by Web sites to help count views on the site and to identify a Web user's browsing habits on their sites. For more information on cookies, consult your browser's Help file.

To allow cookies for IE Internet Explorer 8.0
1. Select Tools menu, then Internet Options. 
2. On the Privacy tab, click Edit. Add the Job Board domain(s) that you use and click Allow.
3. Click OK.

If you don't allow cookies for our site, you may not be able to view some information or take advantage of the customized experience we provide for our users.

If you get the Cookies Not Enabled message:
  • Most cookies have an expiration date. If your computer's internal clock is improperly set, it may cause cookies to expire instantly.
  • Verify that third-party software on your computer (such as ad blockers and personal firewalls) aren't blocking cookies.
  • Check your browser's Settings to make sure that cookies are enabled and allowed per session. For more information on cookies, consult your browser's Help file.

    How do I enable cookies?  Top 
    Please follow these instructions for enabling cookies: 

    Internet Explorer 8.0 for Windows
    1. Select Internet Options from the Tools menu.
    2. Click on the Privacy tab.
    3. Click the Default button (or manually slide the bar down to Medium) under Settings.
    4. Click OK. 

    Firefox (Mozilla)
    1. Go to the Tools menu.
    2. Select Options.
    3. Select the Privacy icon in the left panel.
    4. Check the box corresponding to Allow sites to set cookies.
    5. Click OK to save changes. 

    Safari (Mac users)
    1. Click the Safari menu.
    2. Select Preferences.
    3. Click the icon labeled Security.
    To enable cookies:
    1. Set the option labeled Accept Cookies to Always.
    2. Click OK to save changes and close the dialog box. 

    Internet Explorer for Mac
    1. Click the Edit menu.
    2. Click Preferences.
    3. On the left margin, under Receiving Files, click Cookies.
    4. Next to When receiving cookies, select Never Ask.
    5. Click OK. 

    Google Chrome
    1. Click the Tools menu.
    2. Select Options.
    3. Click the Under the Hood tab and find the Security section.
    4. In the Cookie settings drop-down menu, click "Allow all cookies." This is the default setting in Google Chrome. This option lets first-party and third-party websites set and receive cookies on webpages you visit. First-party cookies are set by the website you're visiting. Third-party cookies are set by websites that have items embedded in the website you're visiting, such as advertisements, pictures, or videos. When you next visit the website, first-party and third-party cookie information is sent back to the respective websites. 
    5. Click the Close button.

    How do I delete all cookies?   Top 
    Follow these instructions to delete your cookies: 

    Internet Explorer 8.0 for Windows
    1. On the Tools menu, click Delete Browsing History.
    2. Make sure the Cookies checkbox is ticked
    3. Click the Delete button

    Firefox (Mozilla)
    1. Open the Tasks menu, choose Privacy & Security, and then choose Cookie Manager.
    2. Choose View Stored Cookies from the submenu. The Cookie Manager window opens with a list of all the cookies stored on your computer.
    3. Click Remove All Cookies. 

    Safari (Mac)
    1. Click Preferences, then Security, then click Show Cookies.
    2. Click Remove All button (a dialogue box will be displayed to make sure you really want to remove them). Click Remove All again
    3. Click Done. 

    Internet Explorer for Macintosh
    1. On the Edit menu, click Preferences. 
    2. Click Cookies. 
    3. Click the Cookie that you want to delete.
    4. Click Delete, and then click OK.
    5. Close Internet Explorer before accessing Job Board again. 

    Google Chrome
    1. Click the Tools menu.
    2. Select Options.
    3. Click the Under the Hood tab and find the Security section.
    4. In the Cookie Settings section, click the Show Cookies button.
    5.To delete all cookies from the list, click the Remove All button. 
    6.To delete a specific cookie, select the website that issued the cookie you'd like to remove. Click the Remove button.
    7.Click the Close buttons for the Cookies dialog box and the Google Chrome Options dialog box when you're done.


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